Terms of service

    In the digital world, where links intertwine,
    Minilink.pro, a service so fine,
    We welcome you to this digital play,
    With terms to guide you along the way.

  1. Shorten URLs with Freedom

    Minilink.pro, where short links take flight,
    A tool to simplify, with all your might.
    It's free to use, without a register call,
    Shorten URLs easily, stand tall.

  2. Respect for All, No Exceptions

    In this online symphony, let it be known,
    Respect for all is brightly shone.
    No illegal links in this URL domain,
    Scams, phishing, viruses, all are in disdain.

  3. Your Responsibility, Understand Well

    As you embark on this shortening spree,
    Remember, the power is yours to see.
    Your links, your responsibility, clear and bright,
    No spam, no harm, let's keep it right.

  4. Privacy and Data, We Guard Securely

    Your data matters, and that's a truth,
    We guard it closely, from our youth.
    But remember, even as you explore,
    Your privacy matters, we're here to assure.

  5. Service Evolution, Stay in the Know

    Minilink.pro may evolve and grow,
    To offer you more, in the ebb and flow.
    Stay updated, read the news we share,
    For a better experience, we always care.

  6. Termination, When Rules Unravel

    If these rules are broken, we must unravel,
    Termination may come, it's not a marvel.
    Respect these terms, and all will be bright,
    In Minilink.pro's world, we share the light.

  7. Feedback, We Value Your Voice

    Your feedback, dear user, we value so much,
    To improve our service, your voice is a crutch.
    Let us know how we can better serve,
    Together we grow, with the respect we deserve.

    In this poetic verse, we've set the stage,
    For your Minilink.pro shortening engage.
    With terms in place, and rules so clear,
    Enjoy your short links without a single fear.

    So link away, shorten with grace,
    In Minilink.pro's online space.
    With respect and care, we'll unite,
    In this digital journey, shining so bright.