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On URL shortener, where short links reside,
We uphold integrity, ensuring we abide.
But if you come across a link that raises your concern,
A short URL that seems to breach, causing you to discern.

If you encounter illegal use, scams, or phishing schemes,
Where malicious intent pollutes, shattering your dreams,
Reach out to us, report the abuse, let us know,
Together we can take action, and make it cease to grow.

Our commitment to your safety, your peace of mind,
Spurs us to address any infringement we find.
For we value authenticity, honesty, and trust,
In the world of link shortening, it's a must.

To report any breach, any misuse you detect,
Send an email to support, our team will inspect., the address to reach out,
We'll investigate swiftly, without any doubt.

Whether it's a scam, a phishing attempt so sly,
Or a violation of intellectual property that caught your eye,
We'll take it seriously, and handle it with care,
Ensuring the community remains fair.

Your vigilance is appreciated, your actions applauded,
Together we can keep the digital space unflawed.
So if you encounter any misuse, any illicit act,
Let us know, and we'll respond with tact.

Short links should be a tool for connection, not harm,
And at, we're dedicated to this charm.
So reach out to us if you spot any concern,
We're here to protect, to rectify, to learn.

Contacts and abuse reporting, our page provides,
A means to address any issue that resides.
In the world of URL shortening, we stand tall,
Safeguarding the community, one report at a call.

Let's work together, hand in hand,
To ensure the service is grand.
For short links should bring convenience, not strife,
And with your help, we'll shape a safer digital life.